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Canyi Lu

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Parallel Algorithms and Programming, Fall 2016

Teaching Sessions

TD1: td1.pdf
TD2: td2.pdf
TD3: td3.pdf
TD4: td4.pdf
TD5: td5.pdf
TD6-7: td6-7.pdf

Project Assignment - Parallel Graph Bisection using Label Propagation

Assignment: project.pdf
Code : project-code.tgz
Sample graph file : graph-sample.txt
Sample runs and outputs: graph-sample-out.txt

Programming Session 1 - Introduction to MPI

Assignment: tp1.pdf
Skeleton code: tp1-code.tar
MPI cheatsheet: mpi-cheatsheet.pdf
Introduction to MPI: mpi-presentation.pdf
Solution code: bitonic-sort-solution.c, scatter-gather.c

Programming Session 2 - The Broadcast on the Rings

Assignment: tp2.pdf
Skeleton code: tp2-code.tgz
SMPI installation for lab machines: simgrid.tgz
Configuration of environment variables for lab machines:
Solution code: bcast-solution.c
Assignment: tp3.pdf
Skeleton code: tp3-code.tgz

Programming Session 4 - Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication (SUMMA)

Assignment: tp4.pdf
Skeleton code: tp4-code.tgz
Solution code: summa-solution.c

Programming Session 5 - Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication (Cannon)

Assignment: tp5.pdf
Skeleton code: tp5-code.tgz